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Sion The Newest EV Prototype Of Sono Motors At CES

Jung startup, Sono Motors, took the CES event as a chance and at this event introduced its next-generation prototype for the Sion EV. This new born German company, which also gather sponsors throw crowdfunding, by its new prototype showed they are really eager to produce a real environment friendly car

News January 18, 2021

Sony Vision-S Can Be A Dangerous Rival To Other EVs

Last year, we were surprised by Sony at CES, since it unveiled something we did not expect, an EV. We thought it would only stay a concept, a far-fetched dream to the industry. Now after a year, we are even more surprised to hear and see that Vision-S has finally become a prototype

News January 17, 2021

10 Useful Car Accessories For Winter, The Cold Is Coming

Winter has arrived and most of us getting prepared for the cold weather. This year, as it is foreseen, the temperature would be mostly below zero and mostly its windy snowy. Also, the Filomena storm is going around the Europe, SEAT company decided to give us hints about ten very useful accessories inside your car

News January 12, 2021

NASCAR Races Are Happening Under Covid-19 Situations

In 2020, the year of many disasters which has yet to come, due to Corona Virus Pandemic many events have been Canceled. The way of communicating has changed and in the whole the way of living. This year the NASCAR 2020 Season is happening in such a special condition. The races which has thousands of fans and the stadium was always full of population and joy, is today empty. We can see the races at home.

News November 1, 2020