NASCAR Races Are Happening Under Covid-19 Situations

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In 2020, the year of many disasters which has yet to come, due to Corona Virus Pandemic many events have been Canceled. The way of communicating has changed and in the whole the way of living. This year the NASCAR 2020 Season is happening in such a special condition. The races which has thousands of fans and the stadium was always full of population and joy, is today empty. We can see the races at home.

This Cup Series season has up to this day many achievements and events. But it is some thing that was never happened for the races. Anyway, show must go on! And without any doubt these races are so impressive. From new stars to retirement of old starts. You can find any information which you want on the NASCAR website.


Also, its so weird to see the teams are changing the wheels with face masks, but you couldn’t miss the new experience. We hope that these new limitations don’t effect on the team’s performance.

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