Sion The Newest EV Prototype Of Sono Motors At CES

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Jung startup, Sono Motors, took the CES event as a chance and at this event introduced its next-generation prototype for the Sion EV. This new born German company, which also gather sponsors throw crowdfunding, by its new prototype showed they are really eager to produce a real environment friendly car.

As it is shown on the CES, this new prototype has improved in a good way. It also has the same parts which are not for just a prototype, but for a produced vehicle like the electric motor or the chassis. The solar panels on the body are improved. They are accurately attached to the body.

new Sono prototype at CES

Inside the car, having an infotainment system is now so regular, even the newest models, but what you can’t find easily a garden inside a car which Sion has. The Moss inside the dashboard can grow and cleans the air also, control the humidity. But the other specifications on the car are still a mystery. This prototype has already heatable seats, cruise control and four-speaker audio system. The USB-C ports and an ambient lighting system should be on this car too.

Sono all electric car at CES

This new EV has a 35-kWh battery with an electric motor. The output of it is about 161 hp and delivers also 270 Nm of torque to the wheels. So, Sion can travel about 255 km in the WLTP cycle and has the max speed of 140 km/h.

what is ignorable is the solar panels (which once was my Idea) which help to charge the vehicle in the day light. By sun help and good condition, this electric car can go 35 km just with the solar energy. This little company with big Ideas, also unveiled a solar trailer too. Its actually a trailer with solar panels on its body. Is very soon to guess, but we expect to see solar panels along with the Sion’s name.


This Sion would cost the customers €25,500 on average.

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