Mission Impossible 7 With The Honorary Presence Of BMW M5

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Mission impossible is the one of the favorite movies in the genre of Thrill movies. With the chases Sciences. The first film was on the Silver Cinema Screens in 1996. The star of the movie “Tom Cruise” is still rocking at the movie. But why we are speaking about this film? If you give a look you can see the Auto world Superstar there too. The BMW M5.

As the previous contraction between BMW and Movie maker, for the next Film Ethan Hunt drives a M5 again. Thanks to the SupercarsNews, we can see the car during the film making. Although you can see exactly if is that Tom Cruise on the wheel or not, but by focusing on the rare of the car and diffusers you can see the sights of BMW M5. It can also be the 5 series too. What can be seen about this doorless car, is the four exhaust pipes too.

The next cars are not actually for the Cruise, is for the cameramen. One of them is a Nissan GT-R. the other one a Porsche Cayenne. Both are equipped with the camera facilities to do the filming. That very nice, as you can see a bunch of perfect cars are coming along to do team work.

As you can guess, these are the European streets and for sure they are in Rome. The Mission: Impossible 7 was schedule to be released on July 23, 2021, but got delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, we should wait till November 19 to see exactly which model of BMW is driven by Tom Cruise.

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