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2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Revealed With Full Of Huge Screens Inside

Mercedes-Benz revealed the new 2022 C-Class. The C-Class is one of the most successful cars ever built by Daimler that managed to sell more than 10 million units since its first introduction in 1982

News February 25, 2021

Mercedes Benz eActros And eEconic Under The Winter Tests

For transportation system it doesn’t matter who the weather condition is, they have just one duty, to deliver the good safe and in time. By following the new aim for less emission in Europe, Mercedes-Benz has started the journey of its E-trucks, and now its on the way of the snow tests.

News February 23, 2021

Mansory Introduced The 2021 Gronos Marcedes-AMG G63 With 1000 NM!

Mansory Introduced the 2021 Marcedes-AMG G63 with 850 hp. It is one of the most exotic SUVs currently available in the market but it is not exotic enough for Mansory

News February 3, 2021

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S Is Now A Hyper Hatch Thanks To Brabus

Brabus is a famous German car tuner that we love very much. The Company surprises us with wonderful after-market tunings every time and we appreciate it so much

News January 26, 2021

New Teaser Of 2022 Mercedes EQS, It Challenges The S-Class Coupe Handling At Wet Track

Mercedes Benz via its new teaser has revealed some features of its new EQS. This electric car is the flagship of EV equivalent of the S-Class. So, what expected from this car is, the highest technology, best engineering and also latest development in the EV world

News January 25, 2021

Meet The All-New 2021 Mercedes Benz EQA With 188 HP

We have been waiting for the new electric Mercedes for such a long time. The new model can produce 188 hp and will be joined by a range-topping model later

News January 21, 2021

Meet This Bespoke Tuned Mercedes Benz C200 With DTM Inspired Kit & Swarovski Crystals

Mercedes-Benz C-Class generation W204 first introduced in 2007. W204 was showing a huge improvement over the previous generations of C-Class as it was known as the baby S-Class on that time

Reviews January 17, 2021

1991 Mercedes-Benz F 100 Was A Futuristic Car Of Its Own Time

Have you ever thought that the cars we know as “old-fashioned” used to be the king of their own times? Maybe yes, maybe no. We assure you that some of them were actually the king of their own times, just like the 1991 Mercedes-Benz F 100

News January 14, 2021

How Did The Luxury Car Sales Go In 2020? Where Does Mercedes Benz Stand?

With stepping into 2021, which we hope is kinder than 2020, especially to the auto industry, the annual sales static of 2020 is out. Different websites have gone over the “bests of 2020”, but a few have paid attention to the sales of luxury brands, so we decided to create a list and inform you

News January 11, 2021

2020 Challenge Year For Daimler But Still Satisfactory, How Many Cars Are Sold By Mercedes In 2020?

Last year was a very hard year for everyone. What comes to Auto Markets, Corona Pandemic has a big influence on it. As many travels were canceled and most countries were locked down, having intention for buying new cars or vans were not much. Now Daimler company, the head Company of Mercedes Brand, has revealed its sale rates. It seems although they didn’t hit a record but they took a big step on CO2 neutrality.

News January 10, 2021

Mercedes-Benz M-Class, A Story Of Twenty Five Years Of Success

M-class of Mercedes-Benz has started its journey 25 years ago. This new design was a whole new world with its special risks. The first concept was at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January 1996. This was the birth of SUV models. And now this Serie continues its success.

News January 8, 2021

A New Chapter Will Begin For Mercedes-Benz Since It Debuts MBUX Hyperscreen

2021 is a very special year for Mercedes-Benz, because its innovation and technology field will enter a whole new world with MBUX Hyperscreen. The company will focus on the vehicle-user interface more than ever through this innovation, more than ever

News December 21, 2020

The 2021 Mercedes Benz EQ, Cleaner Than Surgery Room, Greener Than Earth

2039 is the critical point of history. Ask why because by then so many things are changes, like as the cars. It is important to have a climate-neutrality with an unchanged balance of CO2. Mercedes-Bens as an effective member of Automobile industry, has teased its newest Mercedes-EQ for the 2021. This is the prophet of green Future Maybe

News December 20, 2020

The New 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price Starts At $109,800

If you are looking to purchase the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you should know that the sedan’s price will start at $109,800 once it gets to the market in the first half of 2021. You can choose your preferred four-door vehicle from two different powertrains and three trim levels

News December 19, 2020

Mercedes EQS Would Look Like This, A Luxury Sedan Alongside S-Class

Mercedes Benz has officially announced that six new Mercedes-EQ models will be launched by 2022. However, there was a main picture for this announcement showing a new sedan with great design inside the Factory 56 and it was also mentioned that there would be an electric luxury sedan called EQS

News December 16, 2020

The 2020 Top Car Model Brand of Tiny World Announced, Mercedes Benz 600 W100

“Modell Fahrzeug” (Model Vehicles), published in German by Delius Klasing, has recently revealed its choice for the Top Original Model Brand 2020. This Title went to Mercedes-Benz for the tenth time in 30 years. This award will go to the car manufacturer that “takes a particular interest in the topic of model cars”.

News December 16, 2020

The Next-Generation Mercedes Benz eSprinter Will Be Based On A Whole New Platform

The German automaker has developed a completely new Electric Versatility Platform for the van segment. The next generation od eSprinter will be based on this new platform.

News December 12, 2020

Public Transportation Might Enter A New Era By Citaro Bus

Spillmann is a local transportation company which designs interior of Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses differently and beautifully. This company has had important part in the local bus market since the first day, as it always distributes buses with different and emotional designs

News December 5, 2020

Mercedes Benz Celebrates The Production Of 400,000th G-Class

The G-Class came to the market in 1979. The vehicle is one the most important off-roaders of the automotive history and now Mercedes-Benz company has a reason to celebrate the beloved G-Class: the production of its 400,000th unit

News December 5, 2020

Daimler Truck AG And Foton To Sign A Contract For Mercedes-Benz Trucks Production In China

The Beijing based brand and the German company have announced that they will co-operate in order to build Mercedes-Benz trucks in China, for the strong market of the Asian country

News December 3, 2020