How Did The Luxury Car Sales Go In 2020? Where Does Mercedes Benz Stand?

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With stepping into 2021, which we hope is kinder than 2020, especially to the auto industry, the annual sales static of 2020 is out. Different websites have gone over the “bests of 2020”, but a few have paid attention to the sales of luxury brands, so we decided to create a list and inform you.

Germans In Lead

The German well-known auto manufacturer, BMW, has once again made it to the top of the list. It is not something new to the brand, since its used to the spotlight of being among the bests. It could gain the position thanks to selling 278,732 units in America. The king of the company’s annual sale is the BMW X3 model, with 59,941 units. It was not bad, but it could be better.

The second position belongs to beloved Lexus, which stole the honor from Mercedes Benz and passed it with only 125 units. The sales dropped only 7.7 percent, so its safe to say that Lexus had a better performance than the two German rivals. Hats off to Lexus RX, which was responsible for the success with 101,059 sales.

The German giant auto manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, got the third place. Its numbers are not bad, but they were not good enough to beat BMW and Lexus either. GLC-Class was responsible for a great portion of total 274,916 sales, meaning 52,626 units. The Sprinter is not included in the statics since it is a commercial vehicle.

Manufacturer2020 SalesYear-Over-Year Percentage

The other brands fall below the top three car makers, as Audi is in fourth place with 186,620 sales and Cadillac gets to the fifth place with 129,495 units. These are the top five.

The rest is followed by Volvo with 110,129 sales, Lincoln with 105,410, Infiniti with 79,502 and Porsche with the sales of 57,924 units.

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