The 2020 Top Car Model Brand of Tiny World Announced, Mercedes Benz 600 W100

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“Modell Fahrzeug” (Model Vehicles), published in German by Delius Klasing, has recently revealed its choice for the Top Original Model Brand 2020. This title went to Mercedes Benz for the tenth time in 30 years. This award will go to the car manufacturer that “takes a particular interest in the topic of model cars”.

In 1963, the Mercedes Benz 600 (W100) was presented for the first time in Frankfurt. This car was the first passenger car with a V8 engine. This vehicle has the performance in the level of the sports cars and numerous hydraulically controlled comfort features. The W100 has a big variety of materials and colors for leather covers, fabrics, wood and interior trims to personalize their car. Now after years, CMC has once again rebuild this car just in a smaller size 1:18 (just about 18 time smaller). This unique model like its big one catches they eyes on won the “Super Model of the Year 2020” and the “Collectors’ 1:18 Classics” prizes.

This is not the end of small cars competition. In the field of “Great racing cars in miniature” the AMG 300 SEL 6.8 was the winner of the “Collectors’ 1:87 Classic Cars”. The non-scaled Mercedes-AMG 300 SEL 6.8 has 250 hp of power with a very luxury saloon. You can have the model size just for 10 euros.

Model Vehicle Sized cars

Coming to the “RC: Electro-Economy” category, RC model of the Unimog 406 series made by Carson RC Sport won the prize to show there is no field that Mercedes can’t conquered them. Of course, this remote-controlled car, would costs you a bit more, just around 100 euros.

big truck of model sized competition

The other honors of miniature Mercedes Cars for this year are “Collectors’ 1:43 Current Large-Run Series”, “Collectors’ 1:43 Commercial Vehicles” category by Mercedes-AMG GT R and 2 CN truck. Also Mercedes with its green Mercedes-Benz 280 SL won the “Pagoda” too. Also the story just reveals that, the game never stops.

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