Meet The All-New 2021 Mercedes Benz EQA With 188 HP

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We have been waiting for the new electric Mercedes Benz for such a long time. At first, all we got was the mode under heavy camouflage, then the company confirmed the rumors and said that we have to wit almost a year to finally get to meet the vehicle. Guess what, the day is finally here! The new compact EV is completely emission free and will get to the market in the spring.

Mercedes Benz EQA 2021 cabin


The first version is known as the Mercedes Benz EQA 250. It comes with a single electric motor that can generate 188 Hp. The 66.5-KWh lithium-ion battery give a s range of 484 km to the EQA 250. Other version is expected to come along, as the range-topping one with a dual-motor 268 HP and a range 500 km of range. The second one is going to be loved by the fans!

The Mercedes Benz EQA consumes 15.7kWh per 100 km. There is no doubt that our little compact friend can become one of the most efficient vehicles in the market. It should be a role model to other ones.

It features a very advanced heat pump. It uses the waste energy of the electric motor to keep the passengers warm inside the cabin. Speaking of the cabin, we also get to see a MBUX infotainment system that actually lets you preheat the cabin.


To be honest, we think the 2021 Mercedes EQA is gorgeous, inside and outside. The grille and the LED headlights are in perfect harmony. The power tailgate, high-beam LED headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels are among the features that create the outer part of the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz EQA 2021 rear

The appearance gives it a very unique character. The color of the leader seat covers and the instrument cluster create a mellow environment. The steering wheel is covered with leather as well. There 64 different colors for the ambient lighting. The Night Pack is offered for the 2021 Mercedes Benz EQA as well.

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שחורי איתן
February 8, 2021

excelent but price looks a bit high should be lower to beat tesla and what is the paint offers wheel size there is a spare wheel ?

Steve Batley
November 5, 2021

It should be much better built than a Tesler