Mercedes EQS Would Look Like This, A Luxury Sedan Alongside S-Class

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Mercedes Benz has officially announced that six new Mercedes-EQ models will be launched by 2022. However, there was a main picture for this announcement showing a new sedan with great design inside the Factory 56 and it was also mentioned that there would be an electric luxury sedan called EQS. So, we just got started to think what this Mercedes Benz luxury sedan could be embodied.

Our colleagues at Carsbite just took a look at the Mercedes EQC (N293) and began to render a luxury sedan but with face of EQC. The digital render output was actually amazing after couple of days and decided to publish it on our website to show you how Mercedes EQS could be looked.

This is officially declared that the Mercedes EQS would be manufactured in Factory 56 in Sindelfingen site (Germany) and would be launched in first half of 2021, nevertheless we, as a huge fan of Mercedes, were so impatient to wait for couple of months to see this sedan.

More about Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQS would be in the new S-Class program and would be the first ever Mercedes Benz vehicle to utilize the new electric architecture for this class. It is great to know that S-Class and Maybach production will be joined to EQS in Factory 56. Therefore, according to same factory production of Mercedes EQS and S-Class, we would really expect EQS to be an all-new luxury sedan with a lot of splendor equipment and modern design.

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