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New Teaser Of 2022 Mercedes EQS, It Challenges The S-Class Coupe Handling At Wet Track

Mercedes Benz via its new teaser has revealed some features of its new EQS. This electric car is the flagship of EV equivalent of the S-Class. So, what expected from this car is, the highest technology, best engineering and also latest development in the EV world

News January 25, 2021

The 2021 Mercedes Benz EQ, Cleaner Than Surgery Room, Greener Than Earth

2039 is the critical point of history. Ask why because by then so many things are changes, like as the cars. It is important to have a climate-neutrality with an unchanged balance of CO2. Mercedes-Bens as an effective member of Automobile industry, has teased its newest Mercedes-EQ for the 2021. This is the prophet of green Future Maybe

News December 20, 2020

Mercedes EQS Would Look Like This, A Luxury Sedan Alongside S-Class

Mercedes Benz has officially announced that six new Mercedes-EQ models will be launched by 2022. However, there was a main picture for this announcement showing a new sedan with great design inside the Factory 56 and it was also mentioned that there would be an electric luxury sedan called EQS

News December 16, 2020

Mercedes Benz EQS With More Than 400 Miles Range

It was just some months ago, that Mercedes EQ just astonished its fans with a new concept. This car looked like aliens’ vehicle. And now, it is passing a few last month to be seen on the roads

News July 24, 2020