New Teaser Of 2022 Mercedes EQS, It Challenges The S-Class Coupe Handling At Wet Track

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Mercedes Benz via its new teaser has revealed some features of its new EQS. This electric car is the flagship of EV equivalent of the S-Class. So, what expected from this car is, the highest technology, best engineering and also latest development in the EV world.

By this vertical teaser, Mercedes Benz has focused on two new features in this vehicle gives a ride to Eva Greiner, Mercedes EQS’ eDrive system chief engineer, and Felix Smith, Danish TV host, as the driver of this EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture).

The first new item which is tested on this teaser I the “Torque Shift”. This technology was revealed for the first time at the Vision EQS Concept in 2019.

This system through the Central Powertrain Controller (CPC), which is the Mercedes Benz EQS’s processor, differs power delivery on each wheel. The deference of power depends on several factors.

To show the effect of Torque Shift system, firstly Smith drives a Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe on the Daimler’s private test track in Immendingen, Germany. We as the audience can see the drive shift very clearly. Then on the wheel of Mercedes Benz EQS, this car can handle the turns on the wet track so easily without any force on the passengers. Of course by comparing the handling of S-class coupe and this EQ, company has indirectly criticize its own handling technology.

Daimler private test track

The next feature was the Eco-Assist. This function has been part of the EQCs for some years. It works as an intuitive and anticipatory driving aid for convenience.

Unofficially, it is expected to see the real Mercedes EQS in April but the company it self has not yet published any thing official about the reveal time. As at the beginning if teaser we see the “Episode 1”, probably we should wait for more teasers. This time we hope the perspective of video becomes better to be shared on Internet.

2022 Mercedes EQS

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