The 2021 Mercedes Benz EQ, Cleaner Than Surgery Room, Greener Than Earth

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2039 is the critical point of history. Ask why because by then so many things are changes, like as the cars. It is important to have a climate-neutrality with an unchanged balance of CO2. Mercedes-Bens as an effective member of Automobile industry, has teased its newest Mercedes-EQ for the 2021. This is the prophet of green future maybe.

This new Luxury is a great combination of technology, intelligence and the company claims the line of Mercedes EQ models have the highest standards. Of course, it is yet too soon to say such a thing. A long way is ahead of companies. In fact, what made this Car apart from the other electric cars are its unique features.

2021 Mercedes Benz EQS

The Mercedes EQ of 2021, is the first EQS in the coming year which is built up on the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform. This model can go more than 700 Km. the MBUX is also there but this one is more intelligent than ever. But you don’t have any Idea what comes next for this luxury electric sedan. It seems that Corona Virus has made even the cars duties.

The coming Mercedes EQS is not just a way of transportation, its is a way of run away from the virus and also the polluted. This is the air filtering system, which achieves the air quality of an operating room. This unit, highly-efficient suspended particulate filter (HEPA), is placed in the empty space of engine. fine dusts of the class PM2.5, nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide and unpleasant odors are filtered from the interior ambient air. With the HEPA filter, the EQS achieves an air quality comparable to that in cleaning and operating rooms, and thereby adds another dimension to safety as a hallmark of the brand. Yes, that is the Germans’ work.

Mercedes Benz EQS Teaser

Moreover, Mercedes hasn’t forgot the charging procedures. Around 50 percent of the CO2 footprint of a battery-electric vehicle are produced during the use phase with the current EU energy mix, owing to charging processes that emit CO2. So, Mercedes will launch the green charging in Europe next year too.

mercedes benz eqs green charging

Neutralizing carbon dioxide is a very hard and complex work. That needs a whole world help. But for now it is obvious the efforts are getting more and more seriously, and becomes more viral. We should wait one year to see the Mercedes Benz Luxury EQ sedan.

mercedes benz eqs green charging

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