Mercedes-Benz M-Class, A Story Of Twenty Five Years Of Success

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M-class of Mercedes-Benz has started its journey 25 years ago. This new design was a whole new world with its special risks. The first concept was at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in January 1996. This was the birth of SUV models. And now this Serie continues its success.

M class mercedes Benz

M-Class till 2015 was know by the name of GLE. In May, the first vehicle, W163, for the first time went into production. This car brought along a big population of buyers. Those days about two million orders this off-road the result, GLE became the Best-Selling SUV in the history of Mercedes-Benz. In that decade we didn’t know such a SUV, company named this revolutionary change, “all activity vehicles” (AAVs).

Mercedes Benz m class

AAVision was an Idea by the Mercedes-Benz for a completely new strategy. The new series were born such as A-Class (W 168, 1997) or compact SLK Roadster (R 170, 1996). In 1990’s the other segment with main key personalities of comfortable, sporty vehicles for sports and recreation was presented. Since then, the SUV category has been successful worldwide.

The first M-Class car was driven with intelligent all-wheel drive and the newly developed 3.2-litre V6 engine. Then in May 1997, W 163 was on the ale with all-wheel drive system, a good high ground clearance and big enough interior. This SUV had an excellent ride comfort too. We can’t ignore the perfect suspension system too. On the M-Class Serie we see the ETS system too. This Electronic Traction System helps the vehicle to retrain its stability on the spin. This system makes the M-Class safe both on and off the road.

Also, Mercedes-Benz with its M-Class came to USA in 1995 and till now it has expanded every day. On the Mercedes site in USA many products like GLE, GLE Coupé and GLS SUV model series were built for the world market. Till now more than 3.2 million Mercedes’s were built at this site outside of Germany.

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