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The 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Is More Expensive Than Before

The GMC Sierra is one of the best light-duty trucks ever designed, but unfortunately, the 2021 model is a bit pricey. The base trim is $400 more expensive than the previous ones, according to GM Authority.

News December 22, 2020

GMC Hummer is Being Developed Independently, Without Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a kind of concept that almost all the carmakers use these days. They use it against their rivals, in order to create something better and more popular. Surprisingly, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV is not going to be built with benchmarking

News December 8, 2020

2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Performance Edition, A Proper Off-Roader

GMC has introduced a new variant of the canyon called Canyon AT4 earlier this year with some extra goodies for off-road and now the automaker introduced another model known as the 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Performance Edition

News November 18, 2020

GMC Hummer EV 2-Door Version Looks Like This, The Big Single Cab

This week GMC Hummer EV revealed and it broke the internet and got a huge level of attention. Now our folks in Carsbite have rendered the single cab version of this big car

News October 29, 2020

2022 GMC Hummer EV Revealed, Images & Feature

Big environmental concerns started in the 21th century, build so many regulations and disciplines. Even in the automobile industry it showed its consequences. This new point of view harmed the big General motors’ Hummer. In 2010, there were no sight of new Hummers. Now after ten years, once again the GM Hummer is back, but this time in electric

News October 22, 2020

The New Face Of The GM Sierra Denali HD Truck

GM has always new Ideas and also is pioneer in turning the Ideas to the reality. GM Design Instagram account has recently published a new aggressive photo of imaginary Sierra Denali HD Truck or even real one! We don’t get surprised if see it on streets

News September 23, 2020

New All-Electric Hummer Truck Video Teaser Released

Today GMC Hummer published an exciting video teaser. This short teaser worth to be viewed 100 times. Starting with the big waves of sea and the GMC which goes slowly on the beach and then crab. Then we get the massage. The crabby maneuvered of all electric truck

News September 15, 2020

GM and Honda Cooperation In R&D And EVs

Car manufacturers around the word from the past up to now, try to stand on their feet and don’t be washed away by the time and be forgotten. Some of the big automakers have the solution of partnership

News September 7, 2020

GM Baojun RC-5 And RC-5W, Cheap Cars For China

Baojun is a subbrand owned by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture group and recently launched two new models for the Chinese market. One of the new cars is a liftback called RC-5 and the other is a station wagon named RC-5W

News August 17, 2020

Gordon Murray New Design Formula 1 Car, GMA T.50

Gordon Murray is a name that the lovers of the Formula 1admire him. 30 years ago, he shocked the F1 with his designed race car. now today his newest creature is completely introduced. The 2021 GMA T.50 will tackle the Formula 1 once again

News August 5, 2020

2021 GMC Yukon Diesel Is Going On Sale

GMC debuted the diesel version of its flagship SUV Yukon back in January. The diesel engine is one of the three engine choices for the new GMC Yukon. GMC first sent the gasoline engine to the market but diesel lovers must wait till November to get their Yukon with a torquey powertrain

News August 4, 2020

Wuling Hong Guang X Concept Officially Revealed

Wuling Hong Guang X officially revealed at Chengdu Motor Show and it is over of the most eye-catching cars ever made by Chinese. Three automakers including GM, SAIC, and Wuling made Wuling Hong Guang X concept in a joint venture

News July 30, 2020

You Can Buy This GM With Only $6k

Chinese joint venture company SAIC-GM Wuling just introduced an new car for Chinese market named Hong Guang V 1.2L with the base price of ًRMB 42,900 which is equal to $6,135. Even on the highest trim the price of V 1.2L is still less than $7,000. The range-topping model costs $6,707.

News July 12, 2020