You Can Buy This GM With Only $6k

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Chinese joint venture company SAIC-GM Wuling just introduced an new car for Chinese market named Hong Guang V 1.2L with the base price of ًRMB 42,900 which is equal to $6,135. Even on the highest trim the price of V 1.2L is still less than $7,000. The range-topping model costs $6,707.

2021 Wuling Hong Guang

In term of size and volume it has 2,850 mm of wheelbase and the cargo space capacity is 4,300 liters which is pretty good. Sliding side doors also helps the operator to easily load cargos into the cabin.

As it name approves the car uses a 1.2-liter engine. The tiny power unit can pump out 75 hp and 110 nm of torque and coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. The automaker said that V 1.2L meets the China 6B emission standard and has a good stability and power.

The V 1.2L also features ABS, EBD and electronic power steering system.

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