Gordon Murray New Design Formula 1 Car, GMA T.50

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Gordon Murray is a name that the lovers of the Formula 1 admire him. 30 years ago, he shocked the F1 with his designed race car. Now today his newest creature is completely introduced. The 2021 GMA T.50 will tackle the Formula 1 once again. This new super car is not just so light, but also its powerful engine hosts this car.

Body Weight & Size

Like McLaren F1, another Murray’s masterpiece, GMA T.50 will be light and compact.it weigh just 2.174 pounds (986 kilograms). This car has room for 3 passengers and the driver its at the center of the cockpit. The GMA T.50 is as wide as a Porsche 911, but 6.6 inches shorter, 5.3 inches lower, and also rolls on a 9.8-inch longer wheelbase. Murray also used Carbone fiber to reduces weight.

Gordon Murray in the GMA T.50

What is more interesting is the body design. As Gordon Murray said: “I don't use CAD, so all the concept drawings were done on a drawing board.” From the front, this car is like McLaren F1. Both of them have low-slung nose and narrow inlets in the corners. GMA T.50 has rounded windshield, large windows in the doors and clear panels in the roof. Not just the body, but also chassis is made of carbon fiber which weigh just 331-pounds (150-kilograms).

GMA T.50 above doors


Let now take look at the GMA T.50 engine. This car is armed with a light V12 engine. This engine is very compact and designed to deliver high power density. Although its capacity is about 4.0 liter, but at 11,500 rpm, delivers 654-hp power. The redline of this engine is 12,100 rpm. The peak torque also happens at 9,000 rpm at around 344 lb-ft.

This car is also accomplished with active aerodynamics to low drag settings. This setting which is called Vmax, helps to unleash a further 49 hp from 48-volt integrated starter generator. This car, with 164-hp power per liter, has the highest specific output of any naturally aspirated road car which is ever built.

Murray Automotive has scheduled to build just 100 units from this T.50 and the start price for this machine is £ 2.36 million. After including the taxes, it could cost a bit more. This car goes on the production line in January 2022. So, the delivery to the buyers should happen later that year.

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