New All-Electric Hummer Truck Video Teaser Released

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Today GMC Hummer published an exciting video teaser. This short teaser worth to be viewed 100 times. Starting with the big waves of sea and the GMC which goes slowly on the beach and then crab. Then we get the massage. The crabby maneuvered of all electric truck.

GMC Hummer all electric truck

With this teaser the reveal date of GMC was also announced. So, in just one month we could be the witness of the official details of this Hummer, which has a big delay. By the way, the feature which in the teaser is mentioned is the four-wheel steering. This is not a regular four-wheel steering, but is the key point of crab and car.

As crabs can move diagonally, Hummer electric can also by the help of the four-wheel steering moves diagonally. Of course, a full wheel steering is not a new issue but if we pay more attention to the way of wheels movements, we can get the deference. Meanwhile the regular four-wheel steering turns the rear wheels in the opposite way position of the front wheels to reduce the turning angle, Hummers four wheels steering system moves the wheels in just one direction. So, this electric car is actually capable of drive sideways.

Also, where is the empty place of this option in our daily life? By expanding the of car, things like parallel parking could be easier, or see the effectiveness of the crab feature in everyday operation, save for a new way to parallel park or finding some extra grip in low-speed, loose-traction situations.

Its not important if it is a truck or SUV, the all-electric cars of Hummer have the 1,000-horsepower power. The Crab mode, could be better known in 20th of October. On the 20th of the October, GMC would reveal its secrets. So, till then we will be satisfied with the teaser.

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