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2021 Honda Ridgeline Pricing Announced, With New Looks By Next Month

Honda is on fire and is about to release on of its new models, called the 2021 Honda Ridgeline, with a super bold design. The new pickup truck is supposed to enter the market in less 20 days, on Feb. 2

News January 16, 2021

Honda is The Most Fuel Efficient Automaker With The Lowest Amount Of CO2

Honda has always tried to offer its best. It always comes up with models which are practical, efficient and stylish. Now after 40 years, the Japanese brand is named the most fuel-efficient auto manufacturer of the industry in America, according to the EPA’s reports from Wednesday

News January 10, 2021

2021 Honda Accord Earned The 2020 IIHS Highest Rating

The new 2021 Honda Accord was able to earn the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) highest rating. According to the results, the car’s crash prevention system was able to get the “Superior” rating in a vehicle-to-vehicle and a vehicle-to-pedestrian accident avoidance situation

News December 16, 2020

2021 Honda CR-V Hybrid U.K Pricing Revealed, Starts From £30,180

Honda introduced the updated version of CR-V Hybrid in the U.K for 2021. Honda CR-V Hybrid is going to be the only version of this crossover available in the U.K from December

News November 29, 2020

Honda Teams Up With Omaze To Offer Civic Type R Trifecta As A Prize

Omaze is an online fundraising platform that has teamed up with Honda. They have prepared a very special prize for driving lovers of North America. You take part in a fulfilling a good deed and if you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to win the Honda Civic Type R Trifecta

News November 25, 2020

Honda Hao Ying, The Chinese Translation Of Honda CR-V

Honda Hao Ying is a new CUV vehicle built in a joint venture company Guangqi Honda Haoying based on the CR-V. Honda Hao Ying is not available in the global market and it is only available in China. Honda also used more parts from China in Hao Ying in order to make it more localized

News November 24, 2020

2022 Honda Civic Prototype Revealed, Bigger Than Accord

Honda finally took wraps off the next generation of Civic. While the debuted model is not a final version but it is a prototype car that looks almost the same as the final production version

News November 18, 2020

2021 Honda Odyssey Facelift Introduced With New Features

After seven years, finally, Honda decided to introduce the facelifted version of its popular van, Odyssey. After the 2017 update, this model is the second updated version for the current generation of Odyssey

News November 12, 2020

Honda Odyssey With New Look And Updates Just For Japan

Honda Odyssey is one of the successful mini vans of Honda Line-up. New updates for the 2021 is announces recently but now Japanese has introduced new updates just for the mother Land. By new updates this Luxury vehicle becomes more convenient for the rural community. This car has won many awards such as “Japan Car of the year Award”

News November 7, 2020

2021 Honda Civic Will Not Offered With Manual Gearbox

Honda Civic loses manual transmission for the 2021 model. By this update, the 2021 Honda Civic will join the 2021 Honda Accord that is not available with a manual transmission option anymore

News October 18, 2020

2021 Honda Accord, Refreshed With New Style And Tech, Debuts On October

Honda has new plans for Accord in 2021. This company considered some major changes and added new technologies to all new models to keep it in age. Eight-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay, and Android is available for all the new 2021 cars

News October 12, 2020

Honda Updates Passport For 2021, Little More Expensive

Honda revealed the 2021 Passport for the US market with a base price of $32,590. While the car is about $600 more expensive than the previous year's model it receives some interesting updates

News September 15, 2020

Honda N-One RS Introduced With New Six-Speed Manual Transmission

Honda N-One is a really little car, suitable for crowded Tokyo streets. The first one of these cars was sale in its mother land in 2012. Now, in 2020 Honda introduced this N-One car again but with major updates, as the automaker claims. This is actually N-One RS, the sport car of N-One with six-speed manual

News September 15, 2020

2021 Honda Odyssey Revealed, New Exterior & Interior Design

Honda revealed the updated 2021 Odyssey minivan with a facelifted exterior and updated interior. The new Honda Odyssey is also equipped with more safety and tech

News September 8, 2020

GM and Honda Cooperation In R&D And EVs

Car manufacturers around the word from the past up to now, try to stand on their feet and don’t be washed away by the time and be forgotten. Some of the big automakers have the solution of partnership

News September 7, 2020

2021 Honda CR-V Gets A Safety Update For Australia

Honda CR-V is one of the most popular crossovers in Australia and for the 2021 model year, it receives some safety updates.

News July 24, 2020

All-New Honda Civic Will Be Unveiled In Spring 2021

Recently, Honda claims that Honda fit, Civic Coupe and Manual-gearbox-equipped Accord will leave the streets and they won’t be produced again

News July 17, 2020

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition To Break the FWD Record

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition break the record for FWD cars in Suzuka Circuit in japan. The Type R did a full lap in 2:23.993 and proved itself as the fastest front wheel drive car in the tarmac.

News July 10, 2020

Honda Accord Review, the Favorable Japanese Sedan

Japanese vehicles are amongst the coolest vehicles out there but this was not always the case with them. The fact is JDM vehicles used to be produced based on restrictive Japanese automotive and federal rules making them not suitable and desirable to many people

Reviews July 4, 2020

Honda Civic Review, The JDM’s Beloved

The beginning of the 1970’s in the world’s biggest car market, North America, the best opportunity emerged for JDM automakers to prove themselves with their small size low fuel consumption vehicles.

Reviews June 26, 2020