Honda is The Most Fuel Efficient Automaker With The Lowest Amount Of CO2

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Honda has always tried to offer its best. It always comes up with models which are practical, efficient and stylish. Now after 40 years, the Japanese brand is named the most fuel-efficient auto manufacturer of the industry in America, according to the EPA’s reports from Wednesday.

The highest average fuel economy and the lowest amount of CO2 belongs to Honda’s vehicles. Based on the reports and lists, the auto maker stands first among the full-line brands and second in America, since the real world fuel economy of the company is 28.9 miles per gallon. It has been improved and has increased compared to the previous years.

Honda’s fleet average CO2 emission is 307 grams/mile. The brand stands at the first place proudly and now is one of the leaders of EPA’s annual fuel efficiency measurements. The company has done its best to be one the greenest and most fuel-efficient carmakers for almost 40 years now and it has always been the number one priority. It has finally paid off.

Honda nsx

The beloved automaker was able to break the record of electric vehicles sales in the United States. In order to help the challenge of CO2 emission reduction globally, it has decided to electrified two-third of its product by 2030. It is the date that most of the brands will say goodbye to diesel and petrol engines for good. The Japanese brand has also decided to invest in EV production in the U.S. That is why it has updated Accord Hybrid, the Acura NSX hybrid supercar and Insight.

The company is working on technologies to ease the environmental concerns as well.

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