Honda Odyssey With New Look And Updates Just For Japan

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Honda Odyssey is one of the successful mini vans of Honda Line-up. New updates for the 2021 is announces recently but now Japanese has introduced new updates just for the mother land. By new updates this Luxury vehicle becomes more convenient for the rural community. This car has won many awards such as “Japan Car of the year Award”.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey’s Japan version is a bit smaller than American version. The front look is blunter now and on the front grille new horizontal bars added. Also LED s are up at the corners. Going to back of the car the tail light has changed too. The chrome bar is spread from side to side of the hatchback. The tweaks give signals sequentially at both ends.


The sliding door has now a gesture-control. By this option when someone’s hand is full just by waiving hand in front of the sensor, the door opens. That is very operational for families. The next issue shows the Japanese culture. As people with dis mobility problems have so many difficulties, this company added a future for them. In Honda Odyssey Japan Version, just by pushing a button, seat extends out. So, there is enough space to sit down and get in the minivan.

Going inside the car, the previous display was 3.5 inches. Now it is wider and expanded to the 7 inches. This screen is located on the top of the dashboard. The backseats entertaining screen is also 11.6 inches. This minivan is very usable for families by its easy access, excellent child-seat, accommodation, and abundant cabin storage.

2021 Honda Odyssey

This high-quality car in Japan will have a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and two-motor hybrid. The power is transmitted to the wheels with automatic transmission system. For the mentioned model the price tag starts at 4,198,000 yen ($40,585). The Van with bigger engine (2.4-liter four-cylinder) is available with at least 3,495,000-yen ($33,784) tag.

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