NIO ET7, First NIO's Sedan Would Be Presented In 2021

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2021, another Chinese brand in market. NIO, with it chinses name, Weilai has target to do its best for a Blue Sky. This new born Automaker held a 150-kWh battery. On the meeting was not just about the Battery life cycle. In fact, NIO has good news for its upcoming All-Electric Sedan for 2021.

Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, has revealed, soon we can see the NIO’s new sedan on 9th of January. This company had before at the Shanghai Auto Show, released the concept of its sedan. The design was very attractive and modern. The car which is going to be debuted should be based on the same sedan, but how company sticks to the ET concept is not yet known.

NIO ET7 concept

As it is reported, maybe this new NIO sedan would be named ET7. This is a mid-size coupe with the latest technologies including lidar and NT2.0 autonomous driving platform. This well-designed car, should have something more to show the customers. As the result, it has presented a high-capacity battery-a new battery of 150kwh.

The life cycle of cars batteries is an important factor. A car like Tesla Model 3 what we see on the advertisements are the fast speed charging. But this cars battery capacity is about 80 kWh. That means you should charge your car in shorter periods. Now by looking at the NIOs 150 kWh battery, we know, driving on electric for about 900 kilometers on cruise is possible.

150 kWh battery of NIO ET 7

Moreover, NIO has expanded the new generation of charging stations. Also, the new technology platform NT2.0 autopilot platform has bigger advantages than before. Lidar was used. This technology is more accurate than before and can’t be affected by bad weather. Huawei as a huge investor on this technology has a great part on making Lidar usages viral.

charging station of NIO

It is very obvious this firm tries to get involved in the market which is already occupied with Tesla Model 3, Xpeng P7, Polestar 2, and BYD HAN, so for becoming a successor they need to have a good strategy. What is for now, the high price of this coming ET. It seems this car would cost about 418,000 china yuan which is higher than Tesla Model 3 and Xpeng P7.

NIo ET 7 Concept

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