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This Is The ET7, NIO’s First Electric Sedan

The Chinese brand, NIO, kept us waiting for some time before the debut of its first electric sedan. Now it has finally unveiled the promised EV. The ET7 is finally here and it somehow reminds us of Lucid Air

News January 10, 2021

NIO ET7, First NIO's Sedan Would Be Presented In 2021

2021, another Chinese brand in market. NIO, with it chinses name, Weilai has target to do its best for a Blue Sky. This new born Automaker held a 150-kWh battery. On the meeting was not just about the Battery life cycle. In fact, NIO has good news for its upcoming All-Electric Sedan for 2021

News January 4, 2021

NIO ES8 Review, China’s New World Electric

Walking fast toward electric powered vehicles, Chinese carmakers are in a heist to provide global market with their definition of Electric Autonomous Vehicles

Reviews July 27, 2020