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Hongqi E111 EV Has The Weirdest LED Lights As It Is Revealed In China

The new electric vehicle named E111 is the product of Hogqi. The model is designed and will be sold in the Chinese market only. The model was debuted online.

News January 11, 2021

Baidu Apollo To Test Level 4 Autonomous Cars In Nanjing

Baidu Apollo is allowed to test level 4 autonomous on December 21. It has planned to co-operate with Nanjing and Qinhuai in order to work on self-driving technology and innovation, building infrastructure and connectivity.

News January 7, 2021

Hongqi H9+ Is A Chinese Rolls-Royce, Longer Than Before

Hongqi H9 is a Chinese luxury sedan but now the automaker introduced the long-wheelbase version as an H9+. Hongqi H9 which was revealed last year is a true luxury car

News August 2, 2020

Would You Pay $70k For Hangqi E-HS9?

Faw finally announced its electric SUV called Hangqi E-HS9 in the Chinese market and it is listed between $67k to $77k. The car will be available for potential buyers from September

News July 30, 2020