Hongqi E111 EV Has The Weirdest LED Lights As It Is Revealed In China

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The new electric vehicle named E111 is the product of Hogqi. The model is designed and will be sold in the Chinese market only. The Chinese customers have a very interesting taste, so the models which belong to their market, showcase unique design. The model was debuted online.


The new electric vehicle strikes a unique design as well as other China limited models. At the front end, we see the most interesting LED day time lights ever, since it looks nothing like the ordinary lights found on other models. Some might find them weird, we think they are super cool. The curves make the lights look so special. Do not mistake them with the main headlights. The main ones are placed on the bumpers.

Hongqi E111

The Hongqi E111 features a faux front grille and has a very thin red line on the hood. That is somehow like the auto manufacturer’s signature, as you can find it on almost all the Hongqi models.

Inside the cabin, there are many unique features which make the E111 what it is, like the infotainment display which is rectangular. The display is located in the center of the dashboard, so you can’t miss it. The cabin features an all-digital instrument cluster, a sporty steering wheel and a gear selector which is kind of large.


The Hongqi E111 is equipped with an all-new electric motor that is able to generate 190 horsepower. It also features a range of 450 km.

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