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The Catastrophe 2020 Comes To Its End, Boston Dynamics Creations Dance

2020 is at last to its end. Actually, most people around the world would be agree, this year was one of the worst in modern days. Of course, we shouldn’t forget any single and even small occasions that made our mood better. Boston Dynamics should also their happiness through a perfect dance, in weirdest way.

News December 31, 2020

Hyundai Bought Boston Dynamics, Would We See Four-Legged Walking Cars In Near Future?

At least every one who is interested in technology has heard the name of Boston Dynamics. This company has a big reputation of building intelligent robots. Just remember the films of the unheaded Robot Dog. What is now Surprising, is that Hyundai Motor Company by investing big amount of money on this American company is now a partnership of it

News December 14, 2020