The Catastrophe 2020 Comes To Its End, Boston Dynamics Creations Dance

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2020 is at last to its end. Actually, most people around the world would be agree, this year was one of the worst in modern days. Of course, we shouldn’t forget any single and even small occasions that made our mood better. Boston Dynamics should also their happiness through a perfect dance, in weirdest way. Here you go, say hello to the new dance Stars, Atlas, Spot and Handle.

Its about one year that the whole world is dealing with the Corona Virus. The 2020 was very hard for everyone, especially for the medical service members. On the world wide web, we saw many dances to give us encourage. Now 2020 is on its end and we are celebrating the new year. Boston dynamics as well with a perfect choreography throw its robots, is saying good bye to the 2020.

boston daynamics robots dances

This time we don’t get afraid or fill pity for the machines, which are mostly under hard condition of tests. This time we see Handle, the robot with two wheeled legs, is shaking its butt just like the Nicky Minaj. Also, two Atlas robots showed us they are not just good for lifting things up, but also are well in the dance art too. The last member of this dance crew, Spot, the headless dog, has now a snake head with long neck. Its also the master of salsa. Just look at those legs.

These robots are dancing with song “Do You Love Me?” of course seeing these fast moves from heavy robots, its somehow unbelievable but that is what really happened, or at least we think it was happened. Using effects or speed up frames, not much important. At previous test, most movements which are seen on this dance, was practiced. This time just take it easy and enjoy the dance.

Happy New Year.

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