Hyundai Bought Boston Dynamics, Would We See Four-Legged Walking Cars In Near Future?

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At least every one who is interested in technology has heard the name of Boston Dynamics. This company has a big reputation of building intelligent robots. Just remember the films of the unheaded Robot Dog. What is now Surprising, is that Hyundai Motor Company by investing big amount of money on this American company is now a partnership of it.

As it is released, Korean Automaker has inked a $1.1 billion deal to acquire a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics. Why should an automaker do such a thing? Actually, it’s not along the electric vehicle policies or even Green Fuels. That seem Hyundai has bigger plans. As Boston Dynamic is a logo of Legged Robots and Cyber ones, the artificial intelligence codes would become so handy to the Hyundai.

Boston Dynamics Intelligent Dog

Just imagine your car can transform like the Transformers, do the dishes, do the shopping and when you are drunk at the bar give you a companion and carry you to the home (that’s not any more a fantasy to have a talking Sonata) or moreover, it could be the first step for Hyundai to give a life to its legged Car Concept in 2019. Hyundai has called it CRADLE. This car is just a part of future smart cities.

Hyundai Cradle Concept 2019

Boston Dynamics as a professional team in the field of AI now can help the firm to accomplish its dream. On the other hand, every time we speak about the Robots, the fears of more intelligent machines than humans, pushes us back. But this fear didn’t stopped Boston Dynamics to build more Robots. Actually its "Mobile Robot For Warehouses" would be presented in 2021.

Would Hyundai have Legged Cars in near future? Who knows? But what I can say clearly, this contract can tackle the mars rovers.

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