SkyDrive, New Flying Machine By Toyota

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21th century, is the century for new inventions. Flying, the oldest dream of the human being, is not nowadays just a fact in every day’s life, but also it becoming a casual way of transportation. For example, Uber in USA is trying to have air taxis too. But the most recent Flying machine is for the Japanese. SkyDrive has recently introduced the first public manned flying car in Japan.

Flying Machine

SkyDrive, a newly founded company, tested its most recent vehicle in the Toyota Test Field, which is the one of the largest fields in Japan. This aircraft (or car) is the smallest electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) model. The primary aim of inventing such a car was to light the Olympic Flame up in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. But as the Corona virus postponed it, it could be a new meaning of transportation.

Features of SkyDrive Flying Car

This aircraft is powered by electric motors. These motors drive the rotors, in four location. In each position are 2 rotors which rotate in opposite directions. So, in the whole there are eight electric motors in the vehicle. As the design engineering group said, the designing was progressive. The side look of this vehicle is sleek and lean with the rotor housings extending out in swooping curves that maintain the visual unity of the aircraft’s design and emphasize its aerodynamic qualities. It has to white lights in the front and red light running around the bottom of the body, to give signs of the directions, where it aims to go.

The Test

As it is mentioned above, the test was held in the Toyota's field last week. The machine flied for about four minutes around. although a pilot was in charge but for more safety a computer-assisted control system was used to assure the flight stability. during the tests, technical staffs on the ground monitored the flight conditions and aircraft performance too.

As the company claims the tests are not yet over and they will conduct other flight tests too. It is also so obvious as this is actually an aircraft, the firm should pass the Civil Aeronautics Act. Regulations and safety provisions. By the way, it seems that the era of a sky with air traffic lights and cars is coming.

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