Michigan’s Bill To Ban Direct-Sales Showrooms Of Tesla, Rivian And Some Other Brands Could Not Pass Senate

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House Bill 6233, tried to ban the direct sell of some EV startup products such as Tesla, Lucid, Riviana ns Polestar. The good news is that it failed to pass the Senate. Apparently, Lucid Motors was the company which spread the good news.

In Lucid Motors’ statement, it was written


Lucid Motors is pleased that HB 6233 failed after the Michigan Senate ended its session without taking action on the Bill

As Lucid Motors says, the Bill was anti-competitive and it also says that this law was proposed for the benefit of the dealer groups, not the car buyers or potential customers.

Lucid Air

The environmental groups of Michigan believed that the Bill is counter-productive to EV adoption. In September, Charlotte Jameson, who is the program director for the environmental affairs at the Michigan Environmental Council, called the Bill “telling”.

Jameson says that Michigan continues to claim that it is at the forefront of the auto industry, but that’s not true, since the full electrified cars are the future. She also explained,

It’s telling that instead of bills that break down regulatory barriers to electric vehicle adoption, the Michigan House chose to hinder the sale of electric vehicles and disincentivize manufacturers from locating in Michigan

The point is that since HB 6233 failed, it does not mean another Bill won’t show up. Lucid Motors says that they expect another issue to be proposed again, now or later.

Unfortunately, any other Bill would put more pressure on smaller independent carmakers or startups. Other well-known car manufacturers like GM or Ford, are doing pretty well with their electrification plans, so expect to see a big rivalry in near future.

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