CUPRA Tavascan Will Be Second Full Electric Car Of CUPRA, They Dream, They Build

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CUPRA as a new born Auto Brand is progressing so sharply. This automaker recently on its annual Press Conference has announced the CUPRA Tavascan, as its second all electric vehicle. The concept of this vehicle was on show in the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The CUPRA Tavascan will join the brands range in 2024.

This vehicle would be built based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. But other efforts will be done by the CUPRA engineers in Barcelona. As company scheduled, Tavascan would be debuted firstly in Europe and later it would go overseas. Griffiths, CUPRA President, claims that, its R&D team has already started the future series production car and engineers are being trained with new electrified skills to be ready for its development.

What we know of the Tavascan, are just company’s tales. As it is mentioned, this vehicle would be equipped with an advanced all-electric powertrain that provides the thrill every CUPRA driver desires. By the way, what we can see, is the remarkable design of this EV. Every thing in this new car is presenting the future electric cars.

Tavascan is just a bigging for this new born automaker. CUPRA tries hard to be one of bests. While, we can see that this company had a rapid grow in sales. This company has financial benefits around 900 million euros. And it has targeted a double sale for this year. also, CUPRA mix will raise the company’s total volume from 5% to 10%.

Moreover, it is clear that this company needs a new market to sale its products and its Manager found the solution in Australia. Griffiths said:

Australia is a young market and CUPRA is a young brand. Customers are looking for new brands, there is a high middle-class income and it is a progressive society. We are confident that CUPRA can be successful in this country

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