ARCFOX aS, A New Chinese With 708km Range On Battery

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ARCFOX officially unveiled a new electric car known as the aS at 2021 China EV100 Forum. ARCFOX aS is a mid-size sedan with a modern luxury design and plenty of technologies.

ARCFOX aS will be available soon in the market in three different versions that all of them have amazing cruising range. The first version offers 525 km of driving range and the second one has 603 km of driving range, while the last and the most expensive one can travel up to 708 km by single charge.


Designwise, ARCFOX aS is a nice car with its dynamic and sport look, the front grille is closed like many electric cars and the whole front facia is kind of aggressive with the muscular bonnet.

On the side, there are hidden door handles and strong shoulder lines. The charger socket is also visible on the top of the front fender. At the rear, aS looks sporty with its big light bar.

In terms of size, ARCFOX aS measures 4,930 mm long, 1,940 mm wide, and 1,599 mm tall. The wheelbase is 2,915 mm as well.


Inside the cabin, the aS offers a very nice design to its passengers that is dominated by digital touch screens. The automaker also has used lots of soft material here and there to give a good sense of quality to passengers. There are only a few physical buttons inside the cabin and the floating shift knob is somehow driven from Jaguar Landrover cars.

Some of the equipment inside the cabin are 8-inch HUD, a face recognition system, and a three-screen linkage. The aS also comes standard with L2 driver assistance systems. In terms of space, the cabin is ranked spacious and comfortable.

Underneath the ARCFOX aS, there are two electric motors on each axle. The front motor has 218 hp and 360 nm of torque while the rear one has 435 hp and 720 nm of torque. While there is no word of performance yet but we expect a good acceleration from its theoretical specifications.

As the automaker announced, the car will be available by early 2021.

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April 30, 2021

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