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Hyundai Motor Company Pays $54M As Penalty

Have you ever thought why Hyundai and Kia companies, recalled almost 1.5 million products in Canada, South Korea and the US in 2017? Apparently, there has been some errors and mistakes, rooting back to the production day of the vehicles. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, these errors were the reasons for premature bearing wear within the engine. Now the Korean company is compelled to pay the penalty.

News November 29, 2020

Hyundai Santa Fe N Performance Package Is Available In South Korea

Every time that Hyundai wants to update one of its car’s performance, it does just a simple thing, adds just a “N” at the end of the cars name like Veloste N, while for the beauty updates, “N Line” like Eletra N line. Now it is the Santa Fe’s turn to have N performance parts.

News July 26, 2020