Hyundai Santa Fe N Performance Package Is Available In South Korea

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Every time that Hyundai wants to update one of its car’s performance, it does just a simple thing, adds just a “N” at the end of the cars name like Veloster N, while for the beauty updates, “N Line” like Elantra N line. Now it is the Santa Fe’s turn to have N performance parts. This is the newest performance offer for this vehicle fans.

new look of Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai as a Korean automaker preferred to offer N parts at first to the its motherland. This new kit consists of not just outward parts but also internal parts which are made from high quality materials like carbon and Alcantara. This package will be available this year. Let’s take a close look to this kit’s contents.

External “N” Appearance

As exterior package it offers for Santa Fe, front and rear bumper, rear spoiler, new wheels (21- inch) which are the largest ones for domestic SUVs, and also new high-performance brakes and cabin diffuser. It also offers bonnet carbon garnish and side mirrors, covered with carbon color, fender flare, sidesteps, and new grille which should suits well with new look of Santa Fe N. This part is finished with a black color. In the whole when you just look ant this Santa Fe, you will see an aggressive creature which is capable of a perfect journey.

new 21-inch wheels of N performance Parts

Internal Appearance

Its time to take a look in to the cabin. In this N Package 2 Row sport seat is considered which are like other parts, made of carbon and Alcantara. Carbon material is also used on the steering wheel, center console, doors and much more. Contrary you will find Alcantara on the dashboard. This package has built an accessory market too. It consists of a protection mat, luggage, LED lighting, side steps, a rear seat entertainment system and etc.

Sport seat of Hyundai Santa Fe N

The Power

What is much more important than the appearance, is the power. This company did also have plans for Santa Fe’s engine. In the near future Santa Fe would have a gasoline turbo engine. Its out put is going to be 290 hp and the maximum torque is 419 nm. And what’s more, is a 1.6T-based hybrid with 230 hp power. This part would be added for the new Santa Fe N.

What is for now so disappointing, although Hyundai has this offer for South Korea, there is no news about the other countries. If they experience a successful sale on N series, maybe they think wider, to speared these interesting parts around the world.

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