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2022 Infiniti QX55 Trims Prices, Spring The Time Of Meet

Infiniti as with its own marque on is vehicle has last year pulled up its line up with Infiniti QX55. Although it’s just a type of QX50, the exterior look has one of the best looks. So, what we can say is just a big like for it. Moreover, the price tag for the buyers plays an important rule. The entry-level of luxe trim starts at $46,500. But as the variant features can be order, different prices are on this car

News February 18, 2021

2022 Infiniti QX55 Is Finally Here!

The world has been waiting for the 2022 Infiniti QX55 to be revealed amid some suspensions from the Infiniti company. Yesterday, the new model which is similar to 2003 Infiniti FX, was finally debuted and it is worth the wait.

Cars November 18, 2020

All-New 2021 Infiniti QX55 Will Be Revealed On November 17

The great reveal is only two days ahead of us and it takes place on November 17. We know that Infiniti had a minor setback in schedule before, but now it is trying its best to have a legendary debut for one of its newest cars, 2021 Infiniti QX55

News November 15, 2020

Is There A New Infiniti QX55 On The Way?

Infiniti will unveil the 2021 QX55 crossover on November 11 and the model will hit the showrooms by the next spring. The QX55 is coupe styled version of the QX50 with slopping roofline

News August 5, 2020