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2021 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Specs Revealed

Mercedes AMG recently introduced an upgraded version of the AMG GT called the Black Series. The AMG GT Black Series use a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine

News October 6, 2020

How Much Does A Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Cost?

Mercedes recently debuted the 2021 AMG GT Black Series couple of weeks ago. The AMG GT Black Series is a very expensive car. It costs $438,000 which is more than twice the price of the AMG GT R Pro that is $192,000

News August 10, 2020

Carlifestyle Rendering For New Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Black Series

Every company has a name for their high-performance cars. This name for the Mercedes AMG is its Black Serie. The Black Series reserve high prices as they have unbelievable performance and F1 rear wings

News August 3, 2020

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series More Details Revealed

Last week Mercedes-AMG unveiled the 2021 AMG GT Black Series and now we have more detail about the supercar. Probably the most significant improvement over the Black series model is the power boost

News July 29, 2020

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One Edition Production Is Limited To 275 Examples

We all remember that Mercedes-AMG revealed the Project One concept car in 2017. It was a hypercar with an F1 engine. Mercedes supposed to deliver hypercar by 2018 but customers still haven’t received their cars

News July 26, 2020

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Revealed With 720 hp

Mercedes-AMG finally took cover from the GT Black Series. The modified super sport car uses 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 720 hp and 800 NM of torque.

News July 15, 2020

Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Teased In A Video

Mercedes-AMG teased a new supercar in a video called GT R Black Series. The new supercar is an improved version of Mercedes-AMG GT R and will be produced as a limited edition model.

News July 13, 2020