Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series P One Edition Production Is Limited To 275 Examples

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We all remember that Mercedes-AMG revealed the Project One concept car in 2017. It was a hypercar with an F1 engine. Mercedes supposed to deliver hypercar by 2018 but customers still haven’t received their cars. Now it seems that we shout wait for sometime in 2021 to see the German hypercar in the streets. As AMG announced, fitting an F1 engine to a road-legal car is not easy because of emission regulations and it takes time for AMG to deal with technical issues.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series P One Edition

But for now, Mercedes-AMG offers a limited-run edition of its latest production supercar AMG GT Black Series to hypercar buyers called the P One Edition. The pricing for the P One Edition is not clear but it will seat about $60,000 above the normal AMG GT Black Series.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series P One Edition Cabin

Probably the most significant thing that we can distinguish the P One Edition is its two-tone bodywork. AMG doesn't mention any technical changes for the P One Edition and changes are limited. The production for this model is limited to only 275 units which makes it a good choice for people who paid more than two million dollars for a hypercar.

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