Carlifestyle Rendering For New Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Black Series

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Every company has a name for their high-performance cars. This name for the Mercedes AMG is its Black Series. The Black Series reserve high prices as they have unbelievable performance and F1 rear wings. This company has reveals new designed ones recently but what is left is Mercedes-AMG C63 S one of the wildest of this Series. It was a big wonder; how would this coupe look like. Now the team at Carlifestyle released a rendering of C63 S on their Instagram. so for now we could have an imagination about this AMG.

This Mercedes-AMG C63 S is the weirdest version of C-Class based coupe while it has some performance indexes that are so unique. This cars power comes from a 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8 that have 503-hp (525 kW) power and 516 lb-ft (699 Nm) torque. AMG C63 S reaches just in 3.7 second to 60 and just in 11.9 seconds can travel quarter-mile at 122 mph. another option which made this car to unique is the stock exhaust. any car would like to have a such a design and what’s more is its sleek design which made a big deference.

By the way Black Series version of the C63 means more power and less weight. To make this car lighter mostly carbon fiber is used and other exotic materials too. In the most recent AMG GT Black Series, a flat-plane crank V8 was also used to develop the power. We could also see the top trim C63 but this trim is not yet certain. Although this car seems so aggressive in the front but as it goes to the rare of it the aero regards and effective rear wing are obvious.

Anyway, it’s just a designer’s imagination. We should wait to see what is AMGs dream and what they planned to surprise us with C63 S.

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