Toyota The Lord Of Sedans, Japanese Won’t Surrender The Market To Others

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This recent decade was the years of growing the number of crossovers. So, so many companies tried to be the pioneer in this market. Companies like Ford put their maximum effort to replace their old fashion cars with astonishing crossovers. But what did actually happen was a high potential sedan market, with few competitors. Toyota is one of the firms which didn’t what to swim along the river. They preferred to stick more with sedans as this companies marketing VP announced recently.

Cynthia Tenhouse said “It’s amazing how much of a demand there still is for sedans”. Tenhouse also added:

We’re expecting a 4 million-unit market for sedans in 2020. We’re happy to take as much of that market as we can. For us, it represents roughly 750,000 in the U.S. That’s more than some other OEMs sell altogether.

By comparing the statistics of market tension for sedans and Toyota’s deliveries, it is very odd that Toyota has sold more sedans than what customers want. In February, before that the COVID-19 started affecting the automotive industry, 12.5 percent of the Toyota’s sale belongs to Camry. And Prius had experienced also 9.7 percent requisitions increase. During that time also Camry Hybrid’s numbers had a 16.2 percent increase too.

Since Toyota doesn’t what to leave the sedans market alone, it also revealed new refreshed 2021 Camry too. This car is really up to date. They improved the safety with new sensors, better camera and also radar. The Hybrid trim, Camry XSE has a gloss black grille, LED headlights, 19-inch wheels, and leather-upholstered cabin.

Toyota Camry XSE 2021

But this update doesn’t end with jus Camry. Toyota has also new unique version of Corolla Apex which is lower, has stiffer suspension and set of black 18-inch wheels. New wheels made the car 2.2 pounds lighter. And the face look of this car is decorated with some other different parts and bronze accents too. Moreover, 2021 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition is another upgraded Toyota's Sedan.

Anyway, buying a sedan or crossover is highly a matter of tests. But what is not ignorable, is the significant designs of Toyota sedans. Even though you are a fan of crossover, you can’t just walk away from Toyota so easily.

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