The Hyundai Motor’s Mini ‘45’ EV Is There To Help Youngers, By EAVC Technology

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Autos are almost everywhere practical. This human’s invention is not just used for the transportation, but also for entertainment. We see many kinds of Auto races. But Hyundai has thought more further what can a car do. This Idea is now turned to the Mini ‘45’ EV. This mini car is for the kids. More importantly by the help of “EAVC”, this little car turned into the young patient’s friend.

On 15 December Hyundai Motor Company unveiled details of its one-of-a-kind mini EV based on the ‘45’ concept car in a short film on YouTube. This very emotional film shows us the function of “EAVC” (Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control) technology. The mini 45 was donated to the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital in Spain as part of the ‘Little Big e-Motion’ project.

Hyundai mini 45 EV

The EAVC is an artificial intelligence-based technology. The development of next technology is not finished and Hyundai is doing that as a part of academic research with the MIT media Lab. this technology gives the car the ability to scans the young patient’s health situation in a very smooth way. The vehicle can give a hand to the kids to the treatment room and reduce their stress. Jinmo Lee, Senior Research Engineer at Hyundai Motor who led the project, said:

“We want our technology to help improve the lives of our customers in various mobility spaces beyond the roads. We hope the EAVC technology on the minicar will provide a fun, safe mobility experience for young patients and help improve their health outcomes.”

The EAVC has five key technology: Facial Emotion Recognition System, Breathing Exercise Belt, Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor, Emotion Adaptive Lighting, and Emotion Adaptive Scent Dispenser. The camera identifies the child’s emotions, then the breathing Exercise Belt on the body apply gentle pressure to relieve anxiety. also, the accelerometer masseurs the heart rate and breathing rate. Even by using the green, yellow and red lights the emotional situation of children are showed.

This new technology can be a very good assistant for the medical staffs too especially it this hard situation of COVID-19. The Little Big e-Motion project could be what we really need.

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