The Base RWD Porsche Taycan Officially Revealed For China

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Porsche officially debuted the entry-level Taycan for the Chinese market. While the new trim is only available for Chinese buyers for now but there is a possibility that Porsche sell it in other markets as well.

Porsche Taycan entry-level is an RWD with two types of battery. The first model uses 79.2kWh battery (same as what we have seen on Taycan 4S) and 402 hp electric motor connected to the rear wheels. This model can travel up to 414 km per single charge.

RWD Porsche Taycan

The upper model benefits 93.4 kWh battery (same battery as Turbo and Turbo S models) which is enough for traveling up to 490 km with a full charge. This model not only uses a bigger battery but features a more powerful electric motor with 469 hp and a launch control system. This model needs only 5.4 seconds to hit 100 kph and can reach the top speed of 130 kph.

The rear-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan is also a more trip friendly and practical compared to AWD models because it has a bigger trunk with 491 liters of volume.

RWD Porsche Taycan Price

The base price for Porsche Taycan RWD is $125,420 for the normal model and $133,950 for a large battery model.

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