The All-Electric eActros Is Available In Karlsruhe Region

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The battery-electric eActros that belongs to Mercedes-Benz company, has been tested at Inapa Deutschland in Ettlingen. This company which is a paper wholesaler, uses this all-electric truck to deliver paper packs to printers in Karlsruhe region. This heavy duty-truck’s range is almost 200 kilometers and apparently, it has the ability to cover 150 to 200 kilometers every day. The batteries will be charged again at company’s depot, during the night.

eActros front

This truck has been in the second part of the practical test program since 2020, which is called innovation fleet. The test showed that the vehicle is capable of covering the range of 200 kilometers, regardless of the load it carries. It actually is a vary strong opponent for the diesel trucks of today’s market and can knock them out of the business easily.

Mr. Frank Weithase, who is the Chief Operating Officer at Inapa Deutschland GmbH, says:

”Environmental protection and sustainability are among our most important tasks in our business with paper and paper products. As a leading paper wholesaler, we bear a high level of responsibility going far beyond our immediate economic activities in the field of paper solutions. Of course, this also includes our transport logistics, which is entrusted with distributing our products. It is right here that the locally emission-free eActros contributes to our environmental strategy. We are looking forward to the upcoming practical use of the truck.”


The all-electric eActros is built on the chassis of Mercedes-Benz’s Actors. However, the design and its architecture is suitable for an electric vehicle. Two motors take responsibility of the movement. Each of them produces 126kW and 485Nm of torque (maximum).

The production model will have a better performance than the prototype one. It is going to be a two-and three-axle truck.

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