The 2024 Durango SRT 392 AlcHemi Marks the Beginning of the End

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Dodge is bidding farewell to the iconic Hemi engine in its Durango SUV lineup. The first act in this farewell tour is the arrival of the limited-edition 2024 Durango SRT 392 AlcHemi. To help potential buyers find their piece of muscle car history, Dodge has also relaunched its Horsepower Locator tool.

Unveiled earlier in 2024, the AlcHemi is a true collector's item. With production capped at a mere 1,000 units, exclusivity is guaranteed. These 1,000 beasts are further divided into four distinct color options (black, two shades of gray, and white) – none of which are considered "traditional" colors by Dodge, adding another layer of collectability.

Visually, the AlcHemi isn't shy about grabbing attention. Bold yellow Brembo brakes peek out from behind the 20-inch Satin Black wheels. Unique graphics with contrasting yellow accents adorn the exterior, while black exhaust tips and badges complete the aggressive look. The interior receives a similar treatment, with yellow accents complementing the carbon fiber trim.

2024 Durango SRT 392 AlcHemi

As of May 1st, 2024, Dodge's Horsepower Locator identified 424 AlcHemi SUVs available for purchase across the United States. Be prepared to shell out a starting price of $91,390 to secure one of these limited-edition machines, and keep in mind that this list is updated weekly, so act fast if you see one in your desired color.

But the AlcHemi represents more than just a special edition Durango. It signifies the swan song for the 475-horsepower, 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 engine in this particular Dodge model. Production for the standard Durango SRT 392 with the Hemi engine will cease in July 2024, marking the end of an era.

However, the Last Call celebration extends beyond the AlcHemi. Dodge plans to release details later in 2024 for "Last Call" trims of the Durango R/T and the monstrous SRT Hellcat. Production for these trims will also wrap up by December 31st, 2024, signifying the official end of the Hemi's reign in the Dodge Durango lineup.

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