Tesla’s Largest Supercharger Station Belongs To China

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The Supercharger stations from Tesla are growing everywhere like mushrooms and China is one of those places to get not only a station, but also to get the biggest station so far! The network is getting bigger and is spreading globally already!

The station which contains 72 stalls and is located in Shanghai. It breaks the company’s latest record on stall numbers, meaning 56 ones in Firebaugh station in California. The station in California is outdoors, but the Chinese one will be covered.

Shanghai Supercharger

In the pictures taken by one of twitter users, it is shown how the station looks like and where it is located. It is actually located at Jing’an International Center. This place is one of the most important commercial districts in the city of Shanghai.

According to a reliable source, all 72 stall will use V2 Superchargers, which generate 150 kW. The other 56 stalls which are located in California station, use V3 chargers that are able to produce 250kW. Well, logically and apparently, it takes longer for the Chinese customers to charge their electric vehicles. We should also point out that only the Model 3 and Model Y Tesla models support V3 charging.

The market of China is super-duper important to the American EV maker, since more than 20,000 Model 3s are locally delivered to the country. According to the statics and numbers, they made 23,000 EVs overall at the Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3 in November. Surprisingly, some of them were even sold in the People’s Republic and others were exported.

Up to now, Tesla has constructed over 500 Supercharger stations, in different sizes throughout the country. As we can see, the company does not intend to slow down. It is estimated that the we can see the first station with 100 stalls somewhere before 2021 ends.

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