SWM G05 Pro, The New 7-Seater SUV From Chinese-Italian Automaker

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SWM G05 Pro is the latest three-row SUV from a Chinese automaker that has revealed for Chinese New Year. The SWM G05 has a simple design just like many other Chinese SUVs with its big chrome grille and headlights that are somehow inspired by BMW SUVs like the X5 or X7.

These angle eye headlights are actually the most important design elements of the exterior that makes the SWM G05 dynamic and sporty. The SWM G05 looks powerful from the side where there are a strong shoulder line, alloy wheels, and accents like the Italian flag.

SWM G05 pro

While the exterior design is above average and powerful but what is important for the driver and passengers is the interior and SWM G05 Pro offers plenty of space and technology.

Comfort was so important for the design team so they designed the cabin as comfortably as possible. The design is modern with a large screen on the dash and digital instrument cluster. SWM G05 also uses soft material inside the cabin that gives passengers more sense of quality.

Highlights inside the cabin are a large panoramic sunroof, keyless entry and start, Ego 3.0 car networking system, remote start and air conditioning, GPS navigation, a large 12-inch LCD screen, leather-wrapped steering wheel.

With a wheelbase of 2750 mm, SWM G05 is a spacious car and there is enough space for 7 passengers inside the cabin. The second-row seats are adjustable and the third-row is also foldable easily. As the automaker mentioned there are 19 different seat configurations available. Even the third-row seat angle is adjustable in two levels. With second and third-row seats folded down, there is a 1920 liter of luggage space.

SWM G05 Pro

Under the hood, SWM G05 Pro uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. There is no info on output power but the engine has 230 nm of torque that puts it in average level among crossovers. The fuel consumption of new engine has been reduced by 10%.

In terms of safety, SWM G05 Pro comes with ADAS intelligent safety assistance system. This system contains ESC body stability control, moving object monitoring, collision warning, lane deviation warning, pedestrian monitoring, high-definition panoramic images, and a driving recorder, it provides a 360-degree full guard for the vehicle as well to ensure safe driving and control.

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