Subaru Revealed The New Crosstrek With Big Improvement

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The third-generation Crosstrek, which Subaru presented in Japan, makes numerous improvements to the subcompact crossover that now wants to be referred to as an SUV. The third generation of the tiny crossover has seen the end of the "XV" designation that was used in some areas, therefore going forward it will be referred to as the "Crosstrek" everywhere. The new global model, which is built on an upgraded version of its predecessor's underpinnings and features modern style and technology, eliminates the XV suffix.

Because of the entire inner frame construction used in the new model, which is a technique also used in the Levorg and WRX, the body is more stiff. The suspension and engine mounts can more effectively smooth out road irregularities for a smoother drive because the upper body and underbody structures are no longer constructed independently.


The new Crosstrek has dimensions of 4,480 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, 1,580 mm in height, and 2,670 mm in wheelbase. A larger hexagon grille that connects to sleeker, full-LED headlamps is added to the front. Similar to this, the rear bumper's plastic coating has grown to accommodate the reflectors and a skidplate in the shape of a diffuser. There are 18-inch wheels available, and the minimum ground clearance is 200 millimeters. It weights between 1,540 and 1,620 kilos, depending on the specification.

To make room for the new entertainment system, the interior has undergone major revision. The new dashboard features a sizable 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen, the same one used in the WRX and the Levorg.

The traditional climate controls have been replaced with touchscreen controls, however Subaru has retained the previous analog instrument cluster in place of the new digital one.


The leather or fabric-covered seats have silver stitching. Along with making adjustments to the dual-pinion electric power steering and the most recent EyeSight safety technology, engineers also fitted new sound-deadening materials.

Under the hood is the dependable 2.0-liter e-Boxer hybrid drivetrain, which uses a Lineatronic CVT and Subaru's symmetrical AWD system to distribute power to all four wheels. The business made no output numbers public. Future engine choices must to be anticipated as well.

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