SAIC-GM Small Double Cab Pickup Available For Order

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SAIC-GM Wuling recently revealed a new double-cab pickup called Wuling Zhengtu and now it is available for order with a base price of 59,800 that reaches 63,800 yuan on the higher trim in China.

SAIC-GM announced that the Wuling Zhengtu received a very good pre-order from buyers and they could pre-sell many cars since the starting of the pre-order.

Wuling Zhengtu


The car has a classic pickup design with a big thick chrome strip on the grille and angled headlights. It also rides on pretty small wheels with high-profile tires. In terms of size, the Wuling Zhengtu measures 5105 mm long, 1640 mm wide, and 1810 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3160 mm that is no surprise for a pickup truck.


Inside the cabin, the Wuling Zhengtu is even better where there is not only a modern and nice design but also offers a good practical space for its passengers. Some surfaces are finished in piano black paint and some other surfaces have chrome coloring that gives the Wuling Zhengtu a better look inside.

Wuling Zhengtu Pickup


Wuling Zhengtu uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with 99 hp. This engine may not look so powerful but it is an efficiently improved engine so it meets National VI emission standards. The automaker insists that the Wuling Zhengtu is designed to meet all needs from the big cargo space to a comfortable cabin for passengers.

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