Roush Introduced An Upgrade Kit For Ford Mustang With 750 HP

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In March, Roush unveiled their Stage 2 supercharger kit for the 2022–2023 Mustang, but they were still awaiting E.O. approval to sell it and permit installs in California and other areas where an E.O. number is necessary. Now that it has obtained all the permissions, it is able to market its upgrading package across the nation.


The 5.0-liter Coyote V8 Mustang GT cars from 2022–2023 are compatible with the package; however, the Mach 1 and Bullitt variants are not compatible.

It comes with an Eaton TVS RS2650 supercharger that produces 14 pounds of boost and has a four-lobe rotor design. In addition, the tuner has created a new radiator to keep everything cool and all the required software to guarantee flawless operation of the V8.

When using 87-octane fuel, the Mustang GT generates 450 horsepower and 556 Nm of torque right out of the factory. With a 93-octane fuel, Roush's supercharger system raises these numbers to an incredible 750 horsepower and 908 Nm, promising to completely change the way the car drives.

Roush Mustang

Installing the package requires about 16 hours of work and is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty if done by an Automotive Service Excellence-certified technician or a Ford dealer.

Even while the $8,799.99 supercharger package is quite appealing, prospective customers would be better off using it in conjunction with an aftermarket braking system that is more capable of handling such high power levels. If you want to add a lot more power to your 2022–2023 Ford Mustang, Roush Performance is now offering an amazing supercharger kit.

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