Rolls Royce Cullinan Tuned By Mansory, What Money Can Do!

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Once again Mansory has put its finger on other Rolls Royce Cullinan. It was just in 2020 that this German tuner revealed a tune package for Cullinan. This Rolls Royce is it self very unique and applying changes on it is very hard (and of course questionable!). by the way, Mansory is proud of its work on Cullinan. This is the polarizing kit and widebody package on it.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Made By Mansory

Exterior Look, Full Of Bright

Even with adding many frames on the body of this SUV, you can’t ever say it’s a sport Cullinan. But Mansory is delighted with using exhaust tips and a chunky roof spoiler. Front of this big SUV we could see the illuminated grille. Also, Mansory added extra LED daytime running lights at the bottom of the custom front bumper.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Made By Mansory

Interior Look, Crazy For Leather

Inside of this car has too much leather. Looking around and you see just leather on everything. On doors, roof, central console, steering wheel, and etc. of course the wavy patterns on it and the color is some how relaxing, just like your grandma’s staffs. Besides, wood has a great role inside this car along with leather. Its on dashboard, both front and rear center console, door cards, and on the rear-seat divider. The combination inside the car is very harmonic, but doesn’t suit the exterior.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Made By Mansory

Engine Output, Partly Acceptable

Mansory didn’t let Cullinan’s engine in peace too. By working on the big V12 of Rolls Royce engine, this 6.75-liter twin-turbo has the output of 601 hp and delivers 950 Nm to the wheels. Though this is a heavy car, but the 0 to 100 km/h of it is recorded just in 5 seconds. This Mansory Cullinan hits 280 km/h as the top speed too.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Made By Mansory

Still Has Its Fans

Mansory always does very bespoke arts on the vehicles. this one on the Rolls Royce is one of the most unusual ones. even we think that this one is not a perfect one, but it seems that some one loved it and moreover, looks for more changes.

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