Peugeot Goes On Le Mans With Its New High-performance Car

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2022 would be an interesting year for Peugeot. Asking why? Actually it’s because of the Le Mans endurance racing. Peugeot is preparing its self for the competition with its new Hyper car. Also, according to the general rules for producing cars, 25 road-going vehicles can have the power units as the hyper cars. So, don’t be surprised if you saw a high-performance Peugeot on the streets.

This French company hasn’t named its new car yet as this car is developing in the motorsport headquarters in Paris. There is a long way ahead the Peugeot to make this car to a real hyper car. Olivier Jansonnie, Technical Director of the Peugeot Sport WEC program said:

"To this date, we have confirmed part of the aerodynamic concept, the engine framework has been decided and we have chosen the functionality of the hybrid system and its fundamental design,"

peugeot hypercar 2022

For having a great aerodynamics, this firm got help from the wind tunnels. As it could be seen in the photos its is a low-slung car with fenders, a fin on the back, vertical heading lights and taillights contribute to a cohesive look at the front and rear. This is all the information which is available for now. The company didn’t release any exact data about the powertrain. They just said, the power of this car would be about 671 hp (500 kW) and there will be an electric engine which drives the front axle with an output of 268 hp (200 kW).

Peugeot super racing car 2022

As this company is still observing the car and gives new ideas, we don’t expect to see this car so soon. Additionally, Peugeot also didn’t announce an exact time of presentation. But as this company is under the Stellantis with FCA flag, it is possible for it to sell road-legal cars with hyper car powertrain in the U.S.

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