One Big Step For KIA, Welcome To Sustainability World

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Today on the 15th January so many things happened to Kia motors. In Digital showcase Kia has announces some new details of is new company strategy, its new slogan and more over the new name of company. This South Korean company chose a risky but necessary way for this new decade. This company with its new name would be the home of sustainability manufacturing.

kia new logo

We all know the KIA Motors. But it seems that the managers of company wanted to make it shorter. So now on, you will just see KIA without any Motors. Moreover, this company will expand its business area. As the President and CEO of Kia Corporation thinks, KIA is not now just a transportation firm, its also responsible for the human rights too. That means the new section of sustainable mobility is opened at KIA.

kia ev teaser

Also, the new purpose needs a new Slogan too. “Movement that inspires” reflects the KIA’s Brand. The new target is be appropriate with customers expectations with developing a of products and services to meet customers’ needs in markets around the globe.

kia ev new teaser

Also, today, this company revealed about their concern about the environment. So, they expand into new business areas to promote sustainable mobility. Kia has some plans for popularizing battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and also introduce seven new BEVs by 2027. These Seven cars are members of deferent Car segments. But all of them ready to handle long-range drives and high-speed charging technology.

Its not the end of story of changes. This company is developing PBVs too. PBVs are actually some vehicles based on “skateboard” platform, for just some special usages. But for 2021, kia has prepared the next-generation of BEVs which comes in the first quarter of 2021.this BEV has a driving rage of 500 kilometers and high-speed charging time under 20 minutes. This is also the first model with Kia’s new Logo.

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